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Simple Steps Can Result in Huge Electricity Savings for your Connecticut Business

Connecticut is one of the top states regarding high electric prices which is why both residents and businesses have constantly seen overwhelming electric bills. Due to this fact, many solutions are now being offered to lower electric bills. Business owners have been taking advantage of some of these solutions but there are many that can help reduce energy costs.  That is why we are going to show you how a business can lower their electric rates in CT.

Find and cut out your electric waste

The following statement is a no-brainer: cut your electric use and regardless of the current rate charged by your electric supplier, your electric bill will be lower. In practice, however, getting this done is not so simple. Just about every electric sapping endeavor that your business engages in seems to be important. Here is how you can reduce your company’s electric waste without halting production:

Invest in electric efficient equipment

As with your home, the efficiency of your appliances has a strong impact on your electric bill (for better or for worse). If you run a Laundromat, for instance, the type of washing machines that you use greatly alters how much you pay your CT electric supplier each month or quarter. A lot of us seem to stick with those old refrigerators, washing machines or other appliances wish could be costing your business hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month. Also, all businesses should only use either LED or fluorescent lighting; incandescent lights waste about 90 percent of all of the electric that they generate as useless heat.

Take advantage of the Connecticut Small Business Electric Advantage

You do not have to effect changes in your electric consumption on your own. If you are an industrial electric user within the state of Connecticut that uses between 10 and 200 kW per year, then you are eligible for the state’sSmall Business Electric Advantage program. This is an electric savings program that is designed to help you find cot effective solutions to reduce your business’ electric use.

Go solar

Making the switch to solar panels is on the rise. Your business can now take advantage of the unlimited electric resource that is over you around the clock by making an investment in a solar panel system. You can choose to lease your solar panels or buy them outright—either way, Connecticut has several programs in place to make obtaining a solar panel system easier and at a low cost. Even if your business’ requires additional energy beyond what your solar panels generate, it will significantly reduce the amount that you must pay your CT electric supplier every billing cycle.

Go with a fixed rate

With unbelievably low introductory rates, variable electric rates look great at face value. Then the bill comes. The problem with variable electric rates in CT is that, as their name suggests, they vary. These variable rates fluctuate with the wholesale market and can be quite a shock when receiving your monthly bill.  Also, you may or may not receive any notification of an increase from your supplier.

Fixed electricity rates, on the other hand, offer the opposite, a steady rate you can count on, ultimately rate security.  A fixed rate may look higher next to a variable but remember that even after that first month, a variable rate can become much higher than the fixed rate alternative.  Since variable rates are based on the ever changing wholesale energy market and electric rates in CT are expected to increase rapidly over the next few years, it will greatly benefit your business to lock in to a fixed electric rate as soon as possible.

Compare electric rates of different Connecticut electric suppliers

Electric Deregulation in Connecticut provides businesses with the power to choose a different CT electric supplier and lower your bill. Connecticut has allowed a number of electric suppliers to offer electricity products within the state, so you have plenty of competitive choices to choose from when you are ready.

To compare all of the best electric rates in CT, visit CTEnergySavings.com. This site allows your business to compare and contrast the offerings of Connecticut’s best electric rates free of charge.

Your business can save on your electric bill. It is up to you to make it happen.

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