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Friday, 15 August 2014 05:26

Cheap Electricity for you

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Electricity is necessary for every purpose in the world. In day-to-day life there is not a moment when we aren't using. But the source of electricity is limited and that's why the cost of electricity is increasing day by day. Most people in the world are looking for cheap electricity. But the sources of gas are limited so the cost of gas is high. As gas is used to produce electricity that's why the generation of cost of electricity is increasing rapidly. So people are looking for the companies that's are providing electricity cheaply. There are many companies that are producing electricity but the cost of electricity is high. That's why the general public are looking for cheap electricity.

If there are many companies in the market the cost of electricity will be cheaper because of competition. The electrical engineer working in the power stations trying to produce electricity cheaply considering general public can get electricity cheaply. There are many power stations like gas turbine power station, steam turbine power station, water turbine power station and nuclear power station. But the engineers are choosing the cheapest power station among them. The steam turbine power station is producing electricity cheaply because the steam is producing using water from the river. As Bangladesh is a land of river so water is available every where. That's why the generation cost of electricity is low. So they can provide electricity cheaply. The water turbine power station is also a station of production of electricity cheaply. Because the flow of water is used to rotate turbine. As there are many gas in our country so the cost of gas is low and we can use gas for producing electricity. That's why the people of our country get electricity cheaply.

There are many websites that are giving free information about cheap electricity. And there are many companies that's are providing information and better online service. If we can take help from the websites we will be benefited. If the general public know about the production of electricity they will be able to go the companies for electricity. There are many companies but all people are not concern about all companies. If they know about all companies they will able to choose the cheapest company for electricity. In the urban area the location of power station is very far from the general public place. That's why the general public of urban are can not get electricity. That's why they are using solar panel for electricity. But if they get electricity cheaply they will consume it.

The source of electricity is limited but we are using electricity and wasting than use. We are keeping fan and other equipment that's are run by electricity running than necessary that why we are wasting electricity. But if we become conscious about the use of electricity we will save electricity and the pressure on electricity will be low and the general public will get electricity. If we save electricity the overall effect will be that there is more cheap electricity available.

So we should be conscious about the use of electricity. And if we become conscious the cost of electricity will be low and world will get cheap electricity.


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