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Tuesday, 28 January 2014 10:55

Electricity and Distribution

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Ever wondered how electrical distribution really works?  The hours,  vast amount of work that goes into the construction, and connections to supply power to every business and home throughout America and world is an amazing feet of intellectual revolution. From the creation of light bulb, power lines, electricity has made the world a much different place allowing growth in ways our ancestors would not have imagined.

Electrical distribution provides electricity to customers all over the world; the intricate system is used by two different types of lines with hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity. Without electricity the world would change drastically overnight, the important knowledge electricians hold from intense education, technicians that manage power lines, and the workers who risk their lives to supply power often gets taken for granted.

There are many ways in which power is connected to house and businesses: Pad mounted & Pole mounted Transformers. Pad mounted transformers are made of metal covered in green, and  seen around neighborhoods; this essentially is a surge protector for the equipment that supplies energy to the homes.

Pole mounted transformers are the large ones seen in the air lined across poles drawing power from the line to houses. Typically on a pole mounted power line there are two lines, a neutral and a hot wire; the hot wire has actual electricity running on a constant basis. A high feeder line or high capacity line allows for a larger conductor, of higher amps, which in turn allows for more electricity to be pushed through the line to its destination. Transformers are designed to take surge from electrical bursts from lightning, manufacture defects, and general wear and tear.

When a transformer bursts, it protects the power from the sources that is drawing from the transformer. In other words, think of a transformer as a surge protector used to plug in a computer, when it is lightning out and it surges through the buildings system instead of rupturing the equipment that it is plugged into the surge protector or in this case transformer will burn up to protect the equipment.

Think about all the lights seen at night, the idea for electricity, the ability to use natural power to the benefit of mankind has become the normal whereas a hundred and thirty years ago it was still new or mostly unheard of. Electrical distribution was a term most of that time would have little to no understanding, the invention of electrical distribution seemed like the harnessing of lightning from the sky intriguing Thomas Edison’s inventions further. Without power, the world is quite literally plunged into darkness. From turning on a switch, television, gaming system, or even plugging in a cell phone to charge over night to the power plant and back, appreciation for the daily work and maintenance is warranted.

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